A Guide to the Different Types of Apartments

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Determining the right type of apartment for you is not always clear as there are so many types of apartments to consider. To help you find an rental apartment that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations, we have compiled a guide to the different types of apartments. Let’s get started!


A studio rental apartment is a small apartment with an open floor plan. It consists of a single room that combines the bedroom, living room and kitchen spaces with a separate room containing a complete bathroom. Variations of studio apartments include an alcove studio or a convertible studio.

Alcove studio

An alcove studio is the same as a traditional studio but generally has an L partition in the living room. In other words, there is a nook or alcove for a bed. This makes the area easier to curtain or wall-off for more privacy.

Convertible studio or apartment

A convertible studio follows the same format as a traditional studio apartment type. However, in this case, the apartment is big enough where one could build a wall to create a complete bedroom.

Whereas, a convertible apartment has enough space that an area could be converted into an additional bedroom or secondary space. Alternative names for this type of apartment include a convertible two-bedroom or two-bedroom flex.

Beware that some apartments may not allow new walls to be created or charge a fee for changes to the apartment.

Micro apartment

Micro apartments are one-room apartments, roughly less than 350 square feet. They will include a space for sitting, sleeping, a bathroom and a kitchenette. This type of apartment is mostly found in highly populated areas where there are high rent prices for a small amount of space.


A loft apartment generally has one large, open room with high ceilings. Other characteristics include large, high windows, exposed brick and support beams, as lofts are often found in commercial buildings that have been renovated.


A duplex is a multi-family home that has two units in one building. Apartments in a duplex will have their own entrances and often have living spaces upstairs and downstairs. The two units will be similar in size.

Ideas para decorar un Dúplex moderno con Terraza - Decorar Hogar


A triplex is a single building with three apartment units. Like a duplex, these apartment units will have their own entrances, be similar in size and have multiple living spaces.

exterior of apartment building


A co-op or cooperative housing is a type of apartment where one buys in to become a part-owner of that entire piece of property. The part-owner will then have the right to live on the premises in an available apartment but will shoulder some financial responsibility, for example, mortgage payments or maintenance costs.

Typically there is an approval process through the building’s board and rules that must be followed in order to be approved.

Cooperative Housing Complex wagnisART / bogevischs buero ...

Garden apartment

A garden apartment is a ground floor or basement apartment with direct access to a private outdoor space. It is recommended to check these types of apartments in person as they can often have security or pest issues.

What is a Garden-Style Apartment? - Philly Apartment Rentals


A high-rise apartment is a unit in an apartment community or building with 12 or more stories. This type of apartment and building is likely to have access to multiple elevators.

Brand New Seaview High-rise Apartment Downtown, Vancouver ...


A mid-rise apartment is located in a five to 11 story apartment building. This apartment type is normally found in an urban setting and has one elevator.

mid-rise apartment buildings - . Probably too much window wall for ...


A low-rise apartment is an apartment in a building with one to four floors which may or may not have access to an elevator.

The lowdown on the low-rise building - Homebuilders Association ...

Railroad apartment

Railroad apartments are named for their straight floor plan as they usually consist of three to four rooms connected without a hallway to form a long, thin rectangle. This type of apartment is often found in smaller and older buildings.

Railroad Apartment: A Guide to Understanding the Type | Brownstoner


A walk-up apartment is an apartment located in a building accessible by stairs only. Buildings with this type of apartment are usually smaller and have fewer tenants. Walk-up apartments can be more affordable, but they may be seen as less desirable because there is no elevator.

brick walk up


Condos are the most like apartments from an amenity standpoint, but are rented from the owner of the unit rather than the building.

Apartment vs. Condo: What's the Difference? | Apartments.com


Town-homes typically have multiple floors and share a common wall with one or more neighbours.

Apartment or Townhouse: Which to Rent? - My First Apartment


A house is freestanding and resides on its own lot. Referred to as single-family homes, they typically have front and back yards and detached or attached garages.

Inside the House From Bong Joon Ho's Parasite | Architectural Digest

There are many different types of apartments available to choose from and whether you are looking to downsize, upgrade or put down roots, there is an apartment type for what you need. However, we understand that the selection process can be tricky. Know that we are here to help you find and choose the right apartment for you.

Source: https://www.apartmentguide.com/blog/types-of-apartments/ thanks guys:)

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